Lotus flower wall mural

Halong2 Frankston

Welcome to HALONG2 Vietnamese Restaurant in Frankston, Victoria where delicious cuisine is created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavours of Vietnam. We take great pride in serving your favourite Vietnamese dishes in new and creative ways. Come and experience Halong2!



  • Food from heaven. As simple as that. We were really surprised by the good value for money you get here. Exceptional food with authentic and fresh taste like no other around the area.

    Juan Restrepo

  • Today we visited this wonderful restaurant. We were surprised by the excellent service, great Vietnamese cuisine. The nice design, nation music and aromas of Vietnamese herbs created a special atmosphere and brought us to this wonderful country.

    Vera Pronina

  • Fresh, delicious, authentic food. Staff friendly and hospitable. Restaurant has a lovely ambiance. Will definitely be back again. Thanks Anna!

    Michelle Jansz